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Find relevant keywords for SEO-optimized
listings and PPC campaigns


Skyrocket Your Traffic With
High-Volume Keywords

Not sure what keywords to include in your product listings and
manual PPC campaigns? The Orbital Research Tool generates
thousands of relevant keywords searched for by millions of
Amazon shoppers. Improve your visibility, drive traffic to your
listings, and get to page one with high-performing keywords.

Get Reliable Keyword Insights

The Orbital Research tool provides important information about
keywords so that you can use the data as actionable points for your
SEO and PPC strategy. Discover the estimated monthly
search volume for both main keywords and keyword
suggestions. Find out how the keyword has performed over time
with the Seasonality Indicator. Ascertain how relevant the
keyword is to your product with the Relevancy Score.

Refine Your Search With
Advanced Filters

Find the best keywords that match your criteria with our
advanced filters. Customize your search with filters such as
monthly search volume, cosmic score, and keywords to include
or exclude.

Uncover hidden potential

We help you find keywords in the sweet spot: high demand and
low supply. Keywords are awarded a Cosmic Score to guide you in
choosing keywords with high search volume and a low number of
competing sellers.

Rise Through The
Ranks With The Best Keywords

Successful Sellers Take Keyword Research Seriously

People often say that finding the right product is the most important factor for a successful Amazon business.

But that’s only partly true.

The key to success on Amazon is more than just a solid product research strategy. You may have a winning, high-quality product but that won’t matter if your product cannot be found by potential customers. Without visibility, you won’t make a lot of sales.

So, how do you ensure customers find your product?

By using keywords in your product listing that are relevant to the search terms typed in the Amazon search engine.

How does Amazon determine which listing is relevant?

The keywords in your product listings have to closely match the product search. The Amazon A9 Algorithm takes note of the keywords used in the title, description, bullet points, and back-end keywords of your product listing.

Keywords are also important for manual for PPC campaigns. For manual campaigns, you have to provide the keywords; your product ad will only appear if the customer's search query matches your keywords.

So, how do you find these all-important keywords that Amazon shoppers are typing in the search box every minute?

Finding The Best Keywords With The Best Tool

The Astro Pro Orbital Research tool is the best place for your keyword research. With Keywords, you can uncover tons of high-volume, high-performing keywords to include in your product listing.

Other cool things you can do with
the Orbital Research:

  • Export your search results to a CSV file
  • Search for keywords in the US, UK, CA, ES, DE, IT, MX and FR Marketplaces

Ready to Start Keyword Research?

Frequently Asked Questions

A. Amazon keyword research is the process of searching for all the relevant keywords that shoppers use to find your product on Amazon. After finding these keywords, you include them in your listings to build rank using Amazon’s A9 Algorithm. This helps to increase your product’s visibility, drive traffic to your page and put you on Page 1 of search results.

A. You will be able to see the estimated monthly search volume and historical search trends of the main keyword. In addition, the Orbital Research tool provides a useful metric called a Cosmic Score, which is the relationship between the search volume and the number of competing sellers. The Orbital Research Tool also generates tons of keywords suggestions that are related to the main keyword, alongside their estimated monthly search volume, cosmic score, and relevancy score.

A. It’s important to carefully analyze the data the Orbital Research Tool provides. You could select keywords with high monthly search volume, high cosmic score (low competition), and high relevance to your product.

Another great way to find the best keywords is to search your keyword criteria, using advanced filters, such as monthly search volume, cosmic score, and keywords to include or exclude.